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Temporal orbits

7 Jan


A buzz, a mass, anticipation afoot
Laughter, chatter, unguarded voices excited
Perfect summer night all smiles and cartwheels
The hour approaches every body is pulled
A full moon drawing tidal disciples

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
Rigid black hands heading home to the beginning
Tick tick tick tock tock tock, heading to the end
Untrained howls calling out numbers with strange discipline
Choruses urge the determined hands to a triple kiss

Now at the finish line. Struck! Dong!
Jubilation is instant, the future is here
Moment is frozen, coloured fire sparks fly across the sky
Jumping and leaping mimicking the feelings of those below
Ground dwellers with fire and spark in every breath

Steady black hands all three barely glance at the spectacle
Waves of bodies gathered to witness an alignment
A mechanical eclipse orbiting time
The moment is unmarked work is still to be done
Eternity awaits stretching out yet to be noted





16 Sep


Earth, stone, blood, bone, bound together forever by history.

Bodies, bent, broken, bloodied by slow, painful, heavy labour.

Offer of sweat, tears and flesh to build solid permanence draped in magnificence.

Pray to painted, petty, impatient and impetuous gods.

Angry deities who do not answer and never forgive.

Lives limp and lost, looking for some magic to lull them into a long final sleep.

Sacrificed souls severed from skins held together for short time.

Cruel glory haunted by ghosts trapped in ancient ambition.

Bitter force hits the heart with intent, unbalancing senses, unsettling nerves.

Earth, stone, blood, bone, ever awe-struck-some-ful.


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