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Between sleep and wake

18 Sep

Suspended in a washed out wakefulness,
heavy head cradled by foggy senses,
trying to discern noises and voices,
the doorbell rings, again, and once again,
its sound is clear, crisp, it rings, rings again.

Birds conspire conspicuously in the
mid-afternoon sun, its warmth reaches through
the window, gently stroking bare brown skin,
happily imbibing cosmic manna,
absorbing this transforming energy.

Sinking into this in-between space haze,
uncertain if dreams or thoughts pass by in
casual, usual, confident strides,
real and unreal merge into giddy peace,
as body digs a glorious comfort.

Between sleep and wake is a room full,
smells and tastes long forgotten nestle in,
strange gods and ghosts come and go, winking smiles,
and gravity descends, wrapping around,
turning this from a dawn to the gloaming.



Visitors in dreams

17 Jul

I am the one who comes at night to play
a game of hide and seek when you are fast
asleep, dream of flocks of birds locked in full
flight, weaving in and out of unhurried
clouds, keen to nests as darkening skies make
homes for age-old stars, shining ancient light,
tell tales of times with memories made full.

I come in the darkest hour of the night,
pulling you out of dreams of birds and stars,
calling your name in whispers low and cold,
sending trembling thoughts to your restful mind,
jolting awake fear and panic, wreaking
havoc in your slumber, no longer sweet,
nightmares lurk in the midst of happy dreams,
creeping into unsuspecting spaces
of your deep sleep, tonight, you hide, I seek.


birds sepia purple


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