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Particle perception

18 Sep

She sensed a consciousness in the bricks of the house, mirrors, windows, tiles, pipes, roof, kitchen utensils, metallic jewellery boxes, grass and dirt in the garden, ceramic flower pots, lace curtains, woollen blankets, wooden furniture, rugs, books and newspapers. She lay awake in bed at night thinking of them and listening for sounds of their breathing. Did they wake when everyone was asleep? She focused intently to detect their movements through slight displacements in the air around her.

She thought of every particle in their composition, and how they reacted to the cold, heat, rain, sunshine, darkness, scratches and marks, loud noises, time, human activity and emotions. How much did they stay the same and how much did they change?

She wondered what they observed and knew, what they felt, and what they absorbed of the people who owned and used them. What did they do when the people were away? Did they ever feel the absence of human life, or was it imperceptible to them?

She wanted to find the hidden space where their particles shimmered and pulsed. She tried to feel them into being, to see the secret.

They awoke for her and spoke only to her. No one else in the house ever knew it was alive.



28 Mar


Rising at dawn, half-asleep, getting ready to go to a lesser known corner of the world. We nearly miss the ride, but like many things in this land, amid the chaos it all works out.

The early morning fog lingers, dense and opaque, making it hard to see anything as it greets the tall wild grass, adding to an atmosphere of mystery and anticipation. Quietly the fog fades and the land returns to our vision in patches, revealing its many and various residents, going about their ordinary leisurely lives. We approach on the backs of humble elephants, reluctantly but graciously allowing us to retain our positions as masters of the planet, and witness this beautiful wilderness in safety. The animals stop and stare, unafraid, familiar with this daily ritual. No harm will come, just strange flashes of light from metal objects. They do their duty and pose, and then leave, paying us little attention. They have become accustomed to this odd routine.

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