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Poison word

31 Jul

A word, exotic, so potent, defined
clinically in the dictionary,
something foreign, strange, flora or fauna.

An idea, romantic, unfulfilled,
alluring and alien attractions,
waiting to be discovered and unlocked.

An adventure, the determined hunt for
treasure, pleasure, mystery, enchantment,
merchants seeking unknown fascination.

A label, wilfully misunderstands
lives, lands, loves, histories, traditions, tongues,
to theorise, write, argue, make judgements.

A curse, of gazes, suffocates women,
unwanted fixations on difference,
disguised compliments mask less equal thoughts.

An accusation, imprisoning men
in distrust, suspicion, fear, ridicule,
disposed and undeserving of respect.

A subject, studied, practiced, distorted,
frozen museum exhibits stripped of
humanity for curiosity.

An act, of power, wields weapons, striking
coldly, unleashing uninhibited
calamity on brave and weak alike.

A thirst, satisfied by poison poured down
greedy mouths relishing each drop of a
toxic brew, disfiguring minds, souls, fates.

A word, exotic, blunted by misuse,
jagged, rusted edges carve deep, raw wounds,
scarring soft flesh, inscribing hardened bones.


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