The line

26 Jun

What is this line that determines fates and lives?
The line that separates people, families, communities, humanity.
This line imbued with so much power and anger.

One side is the promise of something better,
Or at least the hope, the chance of that promise.
One side is desperation, frustration, fear and sadness.

A sacred line for some,
Crossing it is to commit unspeakable outrage,
That anyone would dare without the proper condescending authority.

It is a line of self-bestowed superiority,
You stay on that side and we will stay on this side, okay?
We know the right way to cross, not your way.

The line is a creation,
An idea made palpable through imagined morality and righteousness,
Brought into an obscene existence by brutal rules and commands.

A line with a hostile, sparing welcome,
It can be crossed with a trick of papers and data,
Only, if, these paper and data lives fit neatly into tiny squares, maybe.

The line is governed by rules, indifference, paranoia, morality,
Hiding the punishment, purgatory, despair, and inhuman cruelty,
Felt every second of every life shut far away to stifle the heartbreak.

This line is a test,
Those are the rules, this is the game, designed especially for you,
Are you ready to play?



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