Paper universe

20 Jun

Open the cover and flick through the first few pages of disinterest, eager to start.


Begin with trepidation. How will the words taste in my mind, how will the story feel inside me.

Adjust to the style, form, pace and rhythm. The scope, landscape and details are obscure. Orientation takes time, measured in words and pages.


Gradually, I am well inside a new world, but still trying to find a foothold.

Subtly drawn in. Slowly, wending my way through.

Starting to recognise you, your tricks, turns, biases. You feel more familiar now.


Attachments develop. Pulled in deeper. Learning your mysteries and passions.

Going further down your unlit path. Willingly, hungrily.

Obsessed. Consumed by you. Time, thoughts, dreams become filled with your words.


Lost in a bliss of words on paper. Nothing else exists except your story, its promises, discoveries and revelations.

Right in the middle of your world, but only present to see it unravel and reach its inevitable conclusion.

Slowing down, not wanting this story to end. But it always does. For you.


With your finality, I am discarded. There is nowhere else to go.

Your smell and feel linger on me for days afterwards. I miss your beautifully unfolding words. Words that repeat over and over in my head.

I can visit you again and relive it all, but it will taste differently the next time.


Reluctantly I release you and find another, with its own style, rhythm, words and logic.

Turning the pages with trepidation, drawn in, being held in a tight grip, not wanting to be let go.


The intoxicating perfume of words, passions, obsessions, intimately bound together in a paper universe.



2 Responses to “Paper universe”

  1. lilynait 6 Jul 2013 at 11:51 am #

    Really understand what you’re saying here. When I’m reading, I’m not just reading a novel. I’m part of that story, and I’m right there with them and not sitting on my chair at home. It’s like a part of me dies at the end, when the story ends and I don’t have any way to contact the characters again, no way of going back and checking in on their new adventures. That’s why I love series so much.
    Good job, hope the writing goes well.


    • cloudverse 6 Jul 2013 at 7:18 pm #

      Thanks so much for your comments and the follow. Really appreciate it.


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