Cloud dreams

11 Mar

Floating, gliding, silently and carelessly loitering.
Take your time, you have eternity to make your way across the sky.
You won’t last for eternity, but only a tiny fraction of time until you dissipate.

Aimlessly wandering, so you’d like us to believe.
Lazily brewing an itinerary for tomorrow.

To the abandoned metropolis baked by time, and frantic cities recently born.
To the mountain, its slopes decorated with beauty and danger.
To the ocean, deep, vast, blue, frightening and magnificent.
To the forest, the desert, the canyon, and icy lands.

I watch you, ambling along, against temperamental backdrops.
Your strange shapes and slumberous crawl bewitch me.

What magic do you know?
What secrets do you hide?
What confessions do your whispers reveal?

I keep watching.





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